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A unique infrastructure that meets the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System requirements

Effective and simultaneous management of numerous complaints in complex organizational structure with high number of customers

Complaints are recorded, directed between the units and relevant person is informed about every stage of the process

Unauthorized access to the complaints are not allowed and rights and privacy of the relevant person are protected.

The system provides the managers with a detailed reports regarding the complaints.

Institutional energy is directed to the problem solving process.

Provides a brainstorming environment irrespective of time and place in the institution..

Offers the infrastructure for evaluation and improvement of suggestions and plans by creating discussion rooms for the identified teams/titles..

A modern and effective tool for Managing and Reporting Improvement Activities..

Reformative and preventive activities get started, results are reported after appropriate operations are done by the units, and improvement contribution of the units will be presented to managers by using effective management tools.

An effective tool to evaluate Suggestions and Requests quickly..

Provides a brainstorming environment irrespective of time and place in the institution.

Prevents suggestions and requests that are valuable for the institutional development from getting lost in hierarchy and bureaucracy process..

Efficient categorization of suggestion and requests according to units and topics.Maximum transparency in conveying customer suggestions and requests to the managers.

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